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1.6 x 1.6 mm footprint LED from Cree delivers 287 lumens at 3 W

Date: 25/09/2013
Are you a lighting designer who is looking for small but very bright white and colour LEDs for portable, indoor directional, architectural and vehicle lighting! Cree is offering LED measuring 1.6-mm x 1.6-mm delivering 287 lumens at 3 W. The new XLamp XQ-E LED family allows reduction of size and total cost of their LED luminaires without sacrificing light output, efficacy or reliability.

“Cree's new XQ-E LEDs are changing the way we view LEDs. No other LED manufacturer offers an LED of this small size with such a high level of performance,” said Luke Thorkildsen, director of lighting division, The Coleman Company, Inc. “We’re excited about the new possibilities for smaller, lighter or brighter designs enabled by the new XQ-E LED.”

The new XQ-E LEDs are available in both white and color configurations. The XQ-E’s combination of optical symmetry, consistent design across all configurations and its small size enables improved color mixing and optical control compared to the larger XP-E2 LED, says Cree.

“Previously, the size of LEDs dictated the form factor of the luminaire and lighting manufacturers had to design around the light source,” said Paul Thieken, director of LED Components, Cree. “With its unparalleled performance and size, the XQ-E LED redefines what’s possible with lighting designs, enabling new form factors and eliminating constraints.”

The XQ-E White LED is available in 2700-K to 6200-K color temperatures and offers minimum CRI options of 70 and 80. XQ-E Color LEDs are available in red, green and blue.

Cree XLamp XQ-E White LED samples are available now, and color LED samples will be available in late October. Production quantities are available with standard lead times. To know more visit www.cree.com/xqe