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5G Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chip connects car with rest of the world

Date: 26/09/2013
To enable kind of a seamless and easy interface of mobile devices with car, and also connect car with wearable electronics devices and external world of devices and systems, Broadcom has unveiled a wireless chips integrated with high-speed 5G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth transceivers supporting IEEE 802.11ac standard.

BCM89335 5G WiFi/ Bluetooth Smart Ready combo chip and the BCM89071 Bluetooth + Bluetooth Smart Ready chip enables content streaming from mobile devices to car's infotainment system and rear-seat displays. The new chips also stream car with Internet and cloud content From LTE base station or from a Wi-Fi hotspot.

These ICs pack MAC, PHY, RF and Bluetooth Smart Ready on a single chip. They feature integrated Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint support.

BCM89335 and BCM89071 are designed to resolve interference challenges in systems with both 4G LTE cellular radios and wireless connectivity.

They also support advanced beamforming, low-density parity check and space-time block support for better coverage.

Due to the chips ability to transmit data at higher speeds up to 5 GHz, multiple in-car displays can be fed with 1080p resolution video. With 2.4GHz Bluetooth hands-free operation, Bluetooth Smart Ready technology supports connectivity between the car and wearable tech and body sensors, such as the ability to monitor biometric indicators including driver fatigue, blood alcohol content and glucose levels.

In-car Wi-Fi-enabled applications is forecasted to grow eight times bigger by 2019. Smart phone is going to become the remote control of car, where the driver can set the things inside the car before he/she enters a car, and also gets the information from the car on the health and diagnostics of the car. Broadcom is designing wireless chips to connect car with smart phone. Broadcom is also designing these chips keeping in view the other parts of the car communication such as vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure communication.

Broadcom shares Below market research points on car communications:
Every car is expected to be connected by 2025
30 billion devices are expected to be wirelessly connected by 20204
Automotive wireless market projected to reach $1.6B by 20185
41 percent increase in demand for wireless technology in automotive expected 2012 20175
Bluetooth Smart ICs expected to grow > 10x by 2018
Automotive Bluetooth expected to remain the standard connection with mobile devices.

Availability of both BCM89335 and the BCM89071: Now in samples.

In another related news, Symphony Teleca has announced a joint collaboration with Broadcom to deliver a multi-node Ethernet AVB system based on Symphony Teleca's Ethernet AVB End-point Stack and Broadcom BroadR-Reach Ethernet switch technology.

Ethernet AVB is designed to address increasing multimedia requirements for in-vehicle-infotainment. With a time-synchronized network for audio, video and control data on a single cable, Ethernet AVB features lightweight cabling, plug-and-play capabilities, scalable and versatile topology support like star, bus and tree. Ethernet AVB also supports gateways for heterogeneous networks like CAN, LIN or Flexray for compliance with other standards.

Key highlights of the Symphony Teleca Ethernet AVB solution comprise:
An Ethernet AVB endpoint stack designed for compliance with the developing automotive specification in AVnu,
Endpoint implementation for IEEE802.1AS, 802.1Qav, 802.1Qat, IEEE1722 and the latest IEEE 1722a draft,
Adaptable for major silicon vendors and OS platforms,
Multimedia and network management middleware development and application,
Application development for multimedia and network management.