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  Date: 24/09/2013

Microcontroller programming IDE LPCXpresso from NXP now supports C++

NXP Semiconductors N.V. has released its new version of integrated development environment for programming its ARM Cortex-based microcontrollers called LPC series. The new version LPCXpresso 6 enhanced with improved features by leveraging technology from Code Red Technologies, a company recently acquired by NXP. In the new Free version users can download up to 256 kB, and has introduced a new Pro Edition of LPCXpresso providing unlimited code size downloads and one year of email-based support, directly from NXP engineers.

NXP said it has shipped 100,000 LPCXpresso development boards in the three years since they were first introduced by NXP with Embedded Artists.

New functionality available in LPCXpresso 6 includes:
C++ programming language support. Creation of C++ application and library projects is now supported, in addition to projects written in C.
CMSIS-DAP debug adapter support. Enables native debug using a wide range of low-cost debug adapters, including the very popular mbed development boards for rapid prototyping.
Multi-core debugging via LPC-Link 2. Simultaneous multi-core debugging for dual-core devices, including the NXP LPC4300 microcontroller family.
Support for LPC microcontrollers based on ARM7 and ARM9 processors. The full range of NXP LPC microcontrollers are now supported, in addition to Cortex-M based devices.

“The LPCXpresso board family has revolutionized the ‘evaluation board’ concept both in terms of price level and ease of use. The 100,000-plus LPCXpresso boards we’ve shipped to date are a clear indication of their popularity and acceptance in the embedded community, and we are proud to be part of this amazing success,” said Anders Rosvall, technical director, Embedded Artists. “Whether you are a professional, hobbyist or university student, the LPCXpresso family gives you a quick start at experimenting and prototyping with the NXP LPC processor family.”

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