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Ethernet module with daisy chain networking

Date: 24/09/2013
Advantech has added new model to their family of ADAM products. The ADAM-6200 is an Ethernet module with daisy chain networking, remote monitoring and group configuration capabilities. These features enable the ADAM-6200 to connect to multiple devices and deliver information from a large number of sources. To enhance field maintenance, in the event of errors occurring on any of the ADAM-6200s they can be remotely diagnosed and fixed from a smart phone, pad over Ethernet. With the ability to have their functions and web interface modified these devices add an extra level of benefit.

To implement daisy chain networking and save wiring costs the ADAM-6200 has two 10/100 Ethernet ports. In the event of power failure on a device, the, patent applied, auto-bypass protection feature will ensure that the network connection continues in around 2.5 seconds. With its two ports, a network of ADAM-6200s can be joined together by simply connecting them together, making it easy to expand the network quickly and easily.

With support for independently programmable HTML5, the ADAM-6200 can be customized, monitored and controlled from any compatible Web browser on devices such as a smartphone or tablet whilst in the field and when the engineer is connected to their network. To further aid configuration and save time, engineers can connect to one device, either directly or through a switch, and configure and upgrade the firmware of multiple ADAM-6200s simultaneously.