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Kumamoto University adopts Aldec’s SoC and FPGA prototyping tool

Date: 23/09/2013
Kumamoto University Graduate School of Science and Technology has adopted Aldec’s HES-7 SoC and ASIC Prototyping solution to be utilized in continuous research in the fields of Computer Architecture and VLSI System Design.

HES-7 provides students access to Xilinx’s newest generation of FPGAs with the Virtex-7 family, and ability to utilize the ARM Cortex-A9 processor through the Xilinx Zynq SoC.

“Our research area requires a million ASIC gates. In our search for a large-capacity FPGA prototyping board, we discovered Aldec’s HES-7 was the perfect solution with two of the largest FPGAs available,” said Professor Toshinori Sueyoshi, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Kumamoto University at Japan, “We are grateful for Aldec’s support. Reducing design implementation efforts allows our students to better focus on research and development tasks without capacity limits”.

“Aldec provides continuous support in the educational field, and believes in educating both working and future engineers with the latest verification methodologies and tools”, said Bill Tomas, Aldec Product Manager, Hardware Division, “We are pleased to support the Kumamoto University Graduate Program’s goals in offering intense hands-on experience with the latest in technology”.