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New Products

  Date: 20/09/2013

Compact high-bright two-chip LEDs for car headlamps

Osram has made available 2-chip variant of its LED product called Oslon Black Flat. The new version is designed for headlight lamps in automotives. Osram says this LED which is a SMT component can be attached directly to the PCB and can then be processed further with other components as part of a standard soldering process. This simplifies the assembly process and saves time, as per Osram.

The new Oslon Black Flat can produce light intensity of 500 lumens at 1 ampere of current. The LED measures only 3.1 mm x 3.75 mm and a height of 0.5 mm.

"With the new Oslon Black Flat we're bringing a significantly more slender LED than the previous version into our portfolio to enable even more compact headlight systems, explained Florian Rommen, LED Automotive Marketing at Osram Opto Semiconductors.

The 2-chip LED is suitable for all headlight functions, primarily for daylight running light with light guides, as well as generally for low beam and high beam light.

Further benefits of the Oslon Black Flat according to Osram includes:
The produce homogeneously distributed light, very good contrast ratio and cyclic stability.
The black QFN (Quad Flat No Leads) housing expands in a similar manner to the circuit board during high temperature cycle loads. As a result, soldered joints are considerably stronger and exposed to much less strain.

Osram explains: A special sealing technology together with the sophisticated package and ceramic converter enable the highly uniform distribution of light as well as good contrast conditions on roads: Chip encapsulation is directly in the package to achieve a defined bright/dark border in the light beam, and the high contrast of the luminous surface of both chips in relation to the package also contributes to this.

Samples of the Oslon Black Flat are available now, and volume start-up is planned for the turn of the year.

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