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Ultra-high stable TCXO from Vectron

Date: 16/09/2013
Vectron has unveiled TX503, Ultra High Stability TCXO that uses Vectron's ultrasmooth compensation algorithms to achieve stabilities of 30ppb over the extended commercial temperature range of 20 to 70C. The TX503 fills the gap between standard TCXO and OCXO product offerings while reducing power consumption without sacrificing performance, as per Vectron.

High Precision TCXO
OCXO Performance: 20 to +70C; 30ppb
OCXO Temperature Performance: -40 to +85C; 50ppb
Low Power Consumption
Tight Tolerances
Frequency Range of 8 to 26 MHz
Standard frequencies: 10, 12.8, 20, 22.1184 MHz
Meets Stratum 3 acc. GR1244
RoHS 6 Compliant

Applications: Small Cell Base Stations, 1588-Packet Based Timing, Portable Equipment, Military Manpack Radios and Test Equipment.