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Voice processor chip from Audience for speech to text

Date: 09/09/2013
Audience has made available the voice processing processor chip supporting speech-to-text and voice-command user interface for tablet computers and personal computers. With voice becoming differentiating human machine interface now in phones, Ultra books, and all in one desktops, electronics engineers are looking for best hardware and software for integrating voice interface in their electronics design of both mobiles and computers. A separate processor like this fit well in most of the designs.

The voice processing IC named earSmart eS320 is suggested for wide range of communication and computing devices irrespective of their form factor.

earSmart eS320 employs hearing technique close to how we human beings hear. 360 Voice, Super Wideband noise suppression and PC optimized Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Assist are key enabling technologies supported by earSmart eS320 voice to text processor.

Though everybody likes to have a voice command-based interface, the real need is quality of speech to command or speech to text processing. User want it to work in different environments and surroundings, irrespective of the presence of noise. Audience says its earSmart eS320 voice processor delivers on this demand.

The key features supported by earSmart eS320 includes:

It supports voice recognition irrespective of the position of microphone.
Only two microphones are required to achieve required performance, whereas many other solutions require three or more microphones has claimed by Audience.

earSmart eS320 can automatically localize and enhance voice sources giving the user the freedom to place microphone at any location of his/her choice.

earSmart eS320 features Super Wideband noise suppression, enabling users to make and take ultra-clear VoIP calls in nearly any environment. By featuring acoustic echo cancellation and de-reverb the device can eliminate double-talk and echo effects in larger, resonant spaces.

Audience ASR Assist technology helps in eliminating the background noise from the real voice signal, so that word recognition accuracy in case of speech to text can be enhanced . Audience ASR Assist technology also supports transcribing a VoIP call in real-time, even with background noise present.

The earSmart eS320 is designed for personal computers and Android powered mobile portable devices. eS320 can work across companion PC codecs as well.

Audience expects the devices powered by its voice processor to hit the market in the fourth quarter of 2013.

Overall Product Rating : **** (Excellent)