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Highly stable VCTCXO IC from Micro Analog

Date: 16/09/2013
Micro Analog Systems Oy has announced MAS6279, a miniature 3mm x 3mm measuring VCTCXO IC primarily intended for the most stable TCXO and VCTCXO modules.

The device uses fully analog compensation method to achieve +/-0.14 ppm or higher frequency stability. This small size IC helps in the reduction of module size.

MAS6279 has typical power consumption 1.3 mA. Low phase noise of -136 dBc/Hz at 1 kHz allows the use of the MAS6279 in demanding applications. The frequency stability against load or supply voltage changes is claimed to be excellent by Micro Analog Systems . It has programmable divider function allowing the output frequency range of 5 MHz to 64 MHz. Output wave form can be selected from sine wave or CMOS.

Other features include:
Minimum operating temperature 40 C
Oscillator frequency output selectable by EEPROM direct or fc/2.
MAS6279 is delivered as die or in small QFN-10 3 x 3 package. Volume production has already started and samples are available. Price for 1000 pieces is USD 2.73 each, Ex works Micro Analog Systems Oy, Finland.