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HDMI 2 compliant communication interface chips from Panasonic

Date: 12/09/2013
To help design HDMI 2.0 compliant display interfaced system to support high definition 4K image data, Japanese semiconductor vendor Panasonic has released new HDMI 2.0-compliant communication ICs MN864777 and MN864778.

HDMI 2.0 handles bandwidth up to 18Gbps and supports for the transmission of 4k (2160p) via single HDMI Cable.

Panasonic said it has started mass production of these new chips in this month with a monthly output capacity of more than 1 million units. Panasonic also to provide customers with the semiconductor IP to promote the further spread of 4k devices.

MN864777 and MN864778 integrates the below other features:
The LSIs support the scramble function to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI)[3] and use Panasonic's own high-speed differential transmission technology to enhance transmission characteristic.
Display of 4k images from existing Full HD video-source thanks to image enhancement functions (MN864777)
The image enhancement functions include 4k 50/60p Scalar[4] and Super Resolution Circuit.

Available in two versions - MN864777 (24.0 x 24.0 mm) and MN864778 (20.0 x 20.0 mm), the LSIs can be used in various 4k applications, from consumer devices to broadcast, industrial and automotive equipment.

Editorial product rating: *** ( very good)