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MEMS gyroscope from ST for digital camera image stabilisation

Date: 10/09/2013
STMicroelectronics has introduced a new family of gyroscope devices for optical image stabilization in smartphones and digital still cameras.

Gyroscope can sense the camera shake and adjust the lens in real time to compensate for physical movement of the camera.

The new 2-axis (L2G3IS) and 3-axis (L3G3IS) gyroscopes operate with a resonant frequency of the sensing mass at around 20kHz. As a result of this high resonant frequency in combination with the mechanical structure, the devices are immune to the damage that could be caused by ultrasonic cleaning equipment (typically operating at around 30kHz) that many customers use to clean devices before equipment assembly, Says ST.

In addition to revolutionizing user interfaces with intuitive gesture recognition, MEMS gyroscopes have brought enormous benefits to hand-held digital photography through optical image stabilization. With the LxG3IS family, STs proven MEMS manufacturing technology and supply-chain advantage are applied to gyroscopes that are uniquely tailored for image stabilization and offer increased damage protection, said Fabio Pasolini, General Manager, Motion MEMS Division, STMicroelectronics.

Other key technical features of the new devices include 65 dps / 130 dps full-scale range, SPI digital interface, embedded temperature sensor, and integrated low- and high-pass filters with selectable bandwidth. The devices operate with supply voltage from 2.4V to 3.6V and are housed in an LGA-16 3x3.5x1 mm package.

According to information and analytics firm IHS, STs total MEMS and sensor sales grew more than 19% in 2012, reaching a total of approximately $800 million. In the largest of these markets, motion sensors in mobile handsets and tablets, STs MEMS sales accounted for 48% of the market, well more than twice as large as that of its closest competitor.

Samples of STs new 2-axis (L2G3IS) and 3-axis (L3G3IS) gyroscopes are available now and budgetary unit pricing is $2.37 (L2G3IS) and $3.38 (L3G3IS) for orders over 1,000 pieces.

For further information visit http://www.st.com/gyroscopes.

Editorial Product Rating: *** (Very Good)