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Model PTV09 rotary potentiometer from Bourns in six new configs

Date: 06/09/2013
Bourns Sensors and Controls released six new configurations for its Model PTV09 9 mm Rotary Potentiometer in continuing support of the consumer market segment.

In response to market demand, Model PTV09 is now available in the following configurations:

PTV09A-1 Horizontal/rear mount w/sleeve bushing
PTV09A-3 Vertical/side mount bushingless (6.5 mm height)
PTV09A-5 Horizontal/rear mount w/plastic plain bushing
PTV09A-6 Horizontal/rear mount w/metal threaded bushing
PTV09A-7 Vertical/side mount w/sleeve bushing (6.5 mm height)
PTV09A-8 Vertical/side mount w/sleeve bushing (10 mm height)
Standard shaft lengths and styles, along with popular resistance values and tapers are available with these new configurations.

Samples and production quantities are now available.

Some features of the Model PTV09 are:
Carbon element
Insulated shaft
Wide variety of mounting styles
Center detent option
RoHS compliant

Some common applications include:
Communications equipment
Portable electronics
Professional audio/lighting equipment
Consumer goods
Commercial appliances