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  Date: 01/09/2013

2-channel motor driver IC for brushed motors

Toshiba America Electronic Components has released TB67H400A, a 2-channel motor driver IC supporting the high voltage and current requirements of brushed DC motors in industrial and office automation (OA) equipment under continuous operation. Package and reliability features of the TB67H400A improve operation for a variety of applications such as home appliances, ATMs, banknote recognition equipment, amusement park machines and office automation equipment.

"Continuous operation requires industrial and OA equipment that have reliable thermal management or there will be system failure," says Andrew Burt, vice president of the Analog and Imaging Business Unit, System LSI Group at TAEC. "In addition, these systems need to be quiet, low energy and as efficient as possible . Toshiba is creating a large portfolio of motor control drivers that satisfy these requirements for many different classes of motors in industrial and OA equipment ."

TAEC leveraged its latest high-voltage analog process in the design of the TB67H400A. The device realizes a 50V maximum rating and low-on resistance of 0.5 O (maximum, sum of the upper and lower side MOSFETs) during motor drive output, thereby creating a maximum operating current of 3.0 A(4.0A rated), per channel, for a 2-channel drive. Toshiba's unique parallel channel control function (high-current mode) delivers a 6 .0A maximum operating current (8.0A rated) when 2-channel outputs are used as a 1-channel driver.

The driver IC is available in a four package line-up to address various customer requirements. A thermally efficient ZIP package improves power dissipation for applications that need a continuous motor drive at high current. Small QFN and HTSSOP packages enable downsizing of equipment and reduction of material costs. An HSOP package allows flow soldering on a paper phenolic board which helps reduce cost of printed circuit board development.

The TB67H400A integrates abnormality detection functions for high reliability. The IC includes a thermal shutdown circuit, over-current shutdown circuit, and under-voltage lockout circuit.

Pricing and Availability: Sample pricing for the TB67H400A is $ 2.40 (U.S.). Sample shipments begin now with mass production scheduled for October, 2013.

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