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$24.99 USB FPGA development board/kit for mobile app development

Date: 20/08/2013
Here is a unique FPGA development board/kit from Lattice Semiconductor to develop mobile applications based on FPGA devices from Lattice. The kit is like a USB thumb drive, which is easy to plug to a computer/notebook. The kit allows development of mobile solutions by using features such as infrared based communication and sensor functions.

By using this kit mobile device designers can develop differentiating features in their phones quickly. The FPGA used this kit is ICE40 mobile FPGA family from Lattice Semiconductor, which Lattice claims as smallest FPGA in the market. The kit named iCEstick is easy-to-use and deploy, just like the way USB thumb drive gets connected to a PC.

Some of the application examples given includes development of remote control to interface mobile device to TVs, remote control of LED lamps and any such systems/devices. Kit also can be used for developing infrared data transfer link between mobile devices such as computers, tablets and gaming devices. This is possible due to the availability of programmable pulse width modulation function, which can be bridged to Infrared LED.

iCEstick is supported with reference designs for wireless transmission of data or control signals through a IrDA transceiver or a Digilent Pmod Compatible peripheral connector.

The kit is supported by Lattice’s iCEcube2 design software for HDL development and Lattice Diamond Programmer software enabling programming via the device's SPI flash.

The iCEstick is a low-cost FPGA kit, and is available at $24.99.To buy visit www.latticesemi.com/icestick.

Editorial product rating: ** ( Very good)