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Inductor from TDK for use as antenna coil in tire pressure monitoring

Date: 20/08/2013
A new antenna miniature coil for use in tire pressure monitoring system in automotives is made available by TDK Corporation. 7.85 mm x 2.70 mm x 2.70 mm measuring TPL802727 transponder coil offers inductance values of 4.5 mH, 7.2 mH and 18.52 mH and typical Q factors of between 43 and 52. TPL802727 can also be used as antenna coil for passive keyless entry systems and vehicle immobilizers.

The laser bonding of the coil wiring to the external electrodes increases the componentís reliability in a high temperature environment and makes the coil extremely resistant to shock, vibrations, and drop impact. Moreover, the intelligent design of its case enables the new series to be mounted in highly automated processes.

The TPL802727 series is qualified according to AEC-Q200, making it suitable for rugged automotive electronics applications.

This antenna coil is already under production with immediate availability.

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