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New Products

  Date: 25/08/2013

Fingerprint protected USB thumb drives from Moser Baer

Moser Baer has launched Flash memory thumb drives/pen drives protected with fingerprint biometric. The private data on the flash drive only be accessed by using users' fingerprint.

Moser Baer says this drive is easy to install and provides stronger data security, password protection, strong user authentication, file encryption and carries separate public and private space on the disk. Colour coded white, these drives have the capacity of 16GB and is compatible with Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista/MAC OS 9.0 or Linux Kernel 2.4.2. The pen drives weigh 13 gms with a limited warranty of two years.

Deepak Shetty, Senior Vice President-Domestic Sales and Marketing, Moser Baer said, "This is one of our latest offering to our customers to further strengthen the security of the pen drives. The newly launched pen drives have an easy four step installation. The product will help fulfill a major need of the hour in the face of data theft and help fight cyber threats while securing data through its public and private space on the disk."
Here is a brief procedure on how to install the drive on your system:
Plug the Moser Baer USB directly into an available USB port on your desktop or notebook computer
Once the USB is successfully connected to the system, LED will light up and new Removable Disk drive would be created
Click on the BTP (Biometric Track Pad) icon, a window would appear. Click on the finger or thumb you want to register with and then enter your “User Name” which could be a combination of letters and numbers
(without spaces). Enter the “Password” and click "Next" to continue
meters at single dialogueSlide the selected finger or thumb along the Moser Baer USB sensor strip three times to register your fingerprint

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