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Zuken's PCB design software enhanced with high-speed support

Date: 20/08/2013
Zuken has upgraded its CR-5000 enterprise PCB design software with new features. The new features include enhanced collaboration with electronic manufacturing services (EMS) and simplified implementation of high-speed interfaces. Other new functions includes routing with impedance control for improved signal integrity management, and day-to-day productivity enhancements.

CR-5000 Lightning supports routing with impedance control that enables engineers to route to JEDEC standards and meet DDR3 performance specifications. Routing with impedance reduces impedance discontinuities in high-speed manual routing, such as lead-in routing specified in JEDEC standard JESD21-C for DDR3 memory.

Signal integrity is also improved where engineers can now more easily evaluate key signal timing parameters on the interface before the design reaches prototype stage.

CR-5000 Board Designer supports the latest version of ODB++ for exchanging fabrication and assembly data with the manufacturing community.

Additional enhancements in Board Designer include dimension line generation, hole drawing tables to ease design documentation, and an improved interface for Agilent Momentum RF design verification. To enable direct data exchange with 3D MCAD systems, Board Designer supports the output of bend/stretch areas for flexible PCB design. Enhancements in System Designer include improvements to line inputs and view control for variant components.