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The MoCA chipset from ViXS passed MoCA 1.1 certification

Date: 14/08/2013
The MoCA chip-set XConnex 1000 and the XConnex 1030 from ViXS Systems has passed the MoCA 1.1 Certification Test Plan (CTP).

The ViXS XConnex 2-chip MoCA solution consists of a Radio Frequency (RF) transceiver, and a System on Chip (SoC) integrating the Media Access Controller (MAC) and the Physical Layer (PHY). The silicon supports both the MoCA 1.1 and MoCA 2.0 standard. In addition, ViXS has integrated its MoCA technology with its XCode media processing family, the first product being the XCode 5195 gateway SoC with its unique ability to transcode 6 simultaneous high definition (HD) streams.