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Packet processor SOC for software defined public networks

Date: 19/08/2013
For the latest software defined public communication networks supporting both fixed and mobile, Marvell has launched Prestera DX4200 series of packet processors. The 28 nm ARM processor core based Prestera DX is designed to handle integrated packet switching. DX4200 based systems support multiple network elements in a single entity. DX4200 feature carrier grade traffic manager and a flexible IPv6 packet processing pipeline to enable dynamic software defined networking and service virtualization.

Prestera DX supports advanced service delivery and application-driven resource management in virtualized environments. Furthermore, with the proliferation of trends such as Ethernet in mobile backhaul, new tunneling and forwarding schemes in the cloud environments, and consumer managed IT markets, the Prestera DX enables campus and enterprise IT administrators to overcome increased security challenges in their own infrastructure, says Marvell.

“As demand for higher service density per watt increases, Marvell is uniquely positioned to offer platforms for the software defined storage, networking, mobile and compute clouds being designed today,” said Ramesh Sivakolundu, vice president for the Connectivity, Services and Infrastructure Business Unit (CSIBU) at Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. “We believe the Prestera DX provides the best platform for services-driven mobile backhaul and carrier Ethernet infrastructures along with application-driven secure access and aggregation layers in datacenter and campus networks.”

Marvell says DX4200 supports a complete complement of converged service enablers like CAPWAP, MPLS, VPLS, OAM, SPB and Bridge Port Extension, and timing and synchronization support. By having InterLaken interface DX4200 supports transport and circuit switched solutions. The integrated traffic manager enables hierarchical flow based quality of service and large external buffering so that huge number of applications and users are qued to insure no variance in user experience across different access models.

The multi-core ARM v7 processors are provided to handle real-time analytics, system or module topology management and any other software defined networking solutions beyond OpenFlow 1.3.2.

Marvell is sampling Prestera DX 4200 to lead customers in September 2013.