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Genode OS new version support Qt5 and multi-processor

Date: 15/08/2013
Genode has released the latest version 13.08 supporting Qt5 on all kernels, profound multi-processor support on the NOVA and Fiasco.OC kernels, and light-weight tracing of inter-process communication.

With the fresh port of Qt version 5.1 to Genode, Qt becomes available on the entirety of kernels supported by the framework.

The new version 13.08 comes with tracing support deeply built into the framework. This facility is able to capture the interactions of Genode components between each other in a light-weight fashion with almost no side effects, stated in the release.

Version 13.08 supports multiple CPUs seamlessly available for Genode users on NOVA.

Besides these highlights, the release comes with new SATA 3.0 and power-management drivers for the Samsung Exynos-5 SoC, updates the Fiasco.OC kernel and L4Linux, and introduces measures for verifying the integrity of downloaded 3rd-party source codes.