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USB port power controller ICs with high charging current capability

Date: 12/08/2013
Microchip has launched USB port power controller ICs with higher charging current capability of 12 Watts. The UCS1001-3, UCS1001-4 and UCS1002-2 offer higher current and priority charging for smart phones and tablets.

The UCS1002-2 has built-in current sensor to sense/measure amount of charging current. UCS100X family also feature method for detecting and creating charging emulation profiles.

“With this expansion of our programmable USB port power controller portfolio, Microchip continues to charge portable systems better than anybody else,” said Bryan J. Liddiard, marketing vice president of Microchip’s Analog and Interface Products Division. “The UCS1002 continues to be the only series of programmable USB port power controllers on the market that can be updated for future charging profiles. This flexibility is vital to preventing the obsolescence of a USB charging port.”

The UCS1001-3, UCS1001-4 and UCS1002-2 are available now for sampling in a 20-pin QFN package. Pricing starts at $0.90 each, in 5,000-unit quantities.