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New Products

  Date: 11/08/2013

LED from Osram replaces halogen spotlights

Osram Opto Semiconductors has launched a new LED lamp, which measures 13.5 MM in diameter and is available in all colour temperatures.
This Soleriq S13 LED is designed for use in luminaires used in hotel and restaurant, shops and luxury residential lighting, where they can replace high wattage halogen spotlights.

The new Soleriq S 13 can emitt light of intensity 1,500 lm using a light-emitting surface of 13.5 mm.

“The Soleriq S 13 is predestined for the hospitality and home lighting sector, because in addition to its high brightness, it covers all color temperatures. What is more, the color rendering index for all color temperatures is over 80. As a result, the S 13 significantly expands the application portfolio of the Soleriq LED family, whose existing E 30 and E 45 versions previously were designed for downlights,” explains Andreas Vogler, Product Manager in Marketing SSL responsible for the Soleriq LED family at Osram Opto Semiconductors.

Osram explains: The individual chips are very closely arranged and all located under a conversion layer (chip-on-board), giving the impression of a homogeneous light emitting surface and ensuring a uniform color and light appearance. For even better homogeneity, the chips are arranged in a circle under the conversion layer. This greatly simplifies the coupling of the LEDs into external, light-guiding optics. The light generated can be used with much lower optical losses, which in turn makes the LED lamps and luminaires more efficient. Typical LED benefits, such as high energy efficiency, long lamp life and the associated minimal maintenance costs, also are evident in downlights fitted with a Soleriq S 13.

There is innovation in packaging also, where the LEDs doesn't need to be soldered, they can be connected using solderless connector that takes care of both the electrical contact and mechanical mounting. It eliminates the need for soldering; the connecting wires need only be inserted in the terminals provided.

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