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HDMI/MHL to Wireless HD video interface reference design from silicon image

Date: 30/07/2013
Silicon image has made available two new 60 GHz-based wireless video interface reference designs for connecting smart phones and tablet computer's video output to large screen displays without using wire. The new reference designs are based on silicon image's UltrGig 6400 mobile transmitter which provides a cable like wireless video connection between mobile phone and a large screen display like television monitor.

These reference designs or optimized for latest mobile platforms and are suitable for high definition video software applications such as gaming, productivity and entertainment.

"Smartphones and tablets are rapidly becoming the device of choice where consumers spend the majority of their connected life," said Philip Solis research director, at ABI Research. "As consumers expand the use of smartphones and tablets for interactive video applications, there is increased demand for connecting these powerful devices to larger displays for an enhanced entertainment experience. Consumers will benefit from solutions like WirelessHD, which addresses the demand for high-quality wireless video connectivity."

The plug and play type reference designs pick MHL or HDMI video signals from mobile phones or tablets and convert them to low latency wirelessHD video. At the receiving side the connection can be established by using WirelessHD 1.1 receivers in devices such as large panel LCD displays and projectors. WirelessHD 1.1 receivers are available from multiple ODMs worldwide. Also select latest-generation MHL-enabled smartphones and tablets provide power from the device battery to the UltraGig 6400-based GameChanger accessory, further simplifying and reducing the transmitter accessory cost.

"These new Silicon Image GameChanger mobile reference designs take advantage of the full capabilities of the UltraGig 6400 to allow the latest mobile devices in the market to easily connect to large HD screens with interference-free 60GHz technology," said Jim Chase, senior marketing director for wireless products at Silicon Image. "By utilizing these designs, manufacturers can quickly develop HDMI-to-WirelessHD or MHL-to-WirelessHD accessories that will allow consumers to wirelessly connect their current mobile devices to projectors and large displays."

The reference designs include the hardware components, embedded software such as firmware, circuit diagram/schematics, and related documents to develop complete -- HDMI to wireless video interface converter or MHL to wireless video interface converter.

For more details visit www.siliconimage.com.