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Miniature transformers from Coilcraft for sepic converters

Date: 31/07/2013
Coilcraft has unveiled new LPD5030V series miniature flyback transformer with winding to winding isolation of 1500 V in a package measuring 2.9 mm height and 4.8 mm footprint. With a turns ratio of 1:1 and coupling coefficient of greater than 0.97, these magnetic components are offered with inductance values from 4.7 uH to 220 uH and current ratings up to 1.9 Amps. They can be used as coupled shielded power inductors in SEPIC converters or as common mode chokes.

LPD5030V Series is UL Functional Safety Listed for TNV-1 to SELV applications: functional insulation with a 60Vdc maximum, 42.4 V peak input/output voltages and working voltages to 210 Vdc. It is also RoHS compliant and halogen free.

The LPD5030Vís data sheet includes technical specifications for flyback and SEPIC applications. Product specifications are also available at www.coilcraft.com/lpd5030v.cfm.

Pricing for the LPD5030V is $1.17 each at 1,500 pieces. Parts are available from stock.