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Stepper motor ICs featuring high voltage, high current and low heat-generation

Date: 12/07/2013
Toshiba has launched "TB67S10xA" series of stepping motor driver ICs that realize high voltage, high current and low heat-generation. Sample shipment will start on July 17.

High speed, high power motor drives are required in applications that include printers and other office automation equipment, ATMs, banknote counters, amusement machines, and home appliances. These applications are shrinking in size through space-saving and design improvement, making heat management increasingly important.

The "TB67S10xA" series, fabricated with the latest high voltage analog process, offers 50V maximum rating and low on resistance[1] during motor driver output (0.5O or less, total of upper and lower side) to reduce heat. Newly developed motor driving technology (ADMD[2]) improves switching speed, contributing to lower heat generation and higher drive efficiency.

Key features of the new product series:
Low heat-generation
Low on resistance (0.5O or less, total of upper and lower side) and ADMD technology reduce heat generation
Low vibration and low noise
The high-end product in the series, "TB67S109A", uses high-resolution 1/32 step (max.) motor driving technology that reduces vibration and noise.
Small package with good heat dissipation
A small, effective heat-dissipating package simplifies heat management of applications and also contributes to downsizing and cost reduction. The series offers two package line-ups: the HTSSOP package is pin-compatible with equivalent products, and QFN package reduces mounting area.
Built-in abnormality detection functions
The product series integrates a thermal shutdown circuit, overcurrent shutdown circuit, and undervoltage lockout circuit, and realizes high reliability.