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  Date: 15/07/2013

CSSP ICs from QuickLogic for connecting SDIO to USB

QuickLogic has made available of a SDIO-to-USB catalog CSSP which bridges SDIO-based peripheral devices to connect to processors through a USB port. Few popular examples of SDIO-based peripheral devices are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPSs. These wireless standards now are finding use in non-consumer space such as industrial and medical.

QuickLogic explains with the rapid advancement of smartphone technology, system designers in healthcare, industrial and infrastructure markets now have access to lower cost technology. For example, the same Wi-Fi modules used in smartphones has enabled next-generation medical equipment to communicate with monitoring devices in patient rooms via wireless technology. This allows medical professionals access to real-time patient care information remotely.

QuickLogic gives an example where a processor in a healthcare application may not have enough SDIO ports to support the new Wi-Fi/Bluetooth devices that the OEMs may need to incorporate into their products. That's where these interface bridge IC come in.

The QuickLogic SDIO-to-USB solution includes an SDIO host controller for interfacing directly to an SDIO-based Wi-Fi/Bluetooth device or module. It also has a USB 2.0 high-speed device controller with PHY for interfacing directly to the USB host on the processor. With this solution, an OEM can interface to the peripheral device using their current processor, potentially adding multiple new functions to their product while saving redesign time and costs, suggest QuickLogic.

“QuickLogic’s USB-to-SDIO catalog CSSP allows healthcare, industrial and infrastructure OEMs to make use of standard SDIO-based peripheral devices in their equipment, even if their processor is SDIO-port limited,” said Paul Karazuba, senior product marketing manager at QuickLogic. “This latest connectivity solution ensures that OEMs can choose the best peripheral devices for the application, instead of being limited to making decisions based on interfaces that their processor supports natively.”

Availability: QuickLogic’s USB-to-SDIO solution is available now as a catalog CSSP. More on this at http://www.quicklogic.com/usb-to-sdio

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