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  Date: 08/07/2013

Advantest launches new test solution for complex SoCs

Advantest has announced test solution to perform massive multi-site testing of complex SoC devices and single in-line packages (SiP) with embedded power-management cores using its V93000 platform.

Advantest explains test systems for mobile PMIC devices are required to conduct a very high volume of complex tests including as many as 2,000 tests for characterization, 500 tests at design verification and another 300 tests during production. These testers also said to be versatile to address SoC integration trends where they pack high-end digital circuits, analog and power-management functions in a single chip.

The new V93000 Mobile PMIC solution uses high-density modules for massive parallel tests by featuring new high-density device power supply DPS128 with 128 channels of voltage/current (VI) resources per module to accurately source and measure both current and voltage. The per-pin time measurement unit (TMU) enables efficient measurement of high switching frequencies, duty cycles and fast rise/fall times found in today’s advanced power-management devices, says Advantest . The configuration is also flexible and expandable to meet future testing needs.

This test solution supports testing chips with multi-supply voltages (MSV), which reduce power consumption by providing several domains to separate power distribution, and power-supply shut off (PSO), used to conserve individual power blocks when in standby mode.

“Our new V93000 Mobile PMIC solution offers our customers superior performance, economical cost of test and faster time to market,” said Hans-Juergen Wagner, senior vice president, SoC Business Group at Advantest Corporation. “With innovations in PMICs creating more complex devices, we expect the V93000 to become a standard solution for PMIC test.”
Advantest’s V93000 Mobile PMIC solution is scheduled to begin shipping this year.

Advantest has also announced delivering of its new T5831 system for testing next-gen ICs used in mobile devices, including NAND Flash with high-speed ONFi or Toggle Mode interfaces as well as managed NAND devices such as embedded multi-media cards (eMMC). The versatile tester also supports concurrent testing of both NAND Flash and mobile DRAM in a multi-chip package (MCP).

T5831 features include parallel testing, highest device power supply current per DUT, perform on-the-fly analysis of error-correcting codes (ECC). The system automatically makes cycle-by-cycle adjustments to account for timing drifts due to differences in process-voltage-temperature (PVT) and jitter, ensuring data-eye accuracy for optimal yield at high speeds. Other necessary functions such as bad block management, redundancy analysis and custom/random data generation also are supported.

“This new test solution delivers the performance that our customers need today in a modular design with the extendibility to meet tomorrow’s changing test requirements,” said Masuhiro Yamada, executive vice president of memory test for Advantest Corporation. “The T5831 extends Advantest’s leadership in the ATE market and will add to our worldwide installed base of more than 8,000 memory test systems.”

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