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  Date: 07/07/2013

HD video interface design: Stream HD video to display units over a pair of wires

Are you designing an electronics device to display video on the head-mount displays to serve the information and entertainment needs of rear passengers in a car or any such automotive. To connect the video display units to main host device We presently suggest two solutions. They are the recently announced FPD-Link III serdes chipsets from Texas Instruments and GMSL chipset from Maxim.

Texas Instruments' new launched serdes chipset serializer IC DS90UH927Q-Q1 and deserializer IC DS90UH928Q-Q1 supports the new standard of Flat Panel Display Link III. FPD-Link III improves over FPD-Link II by supporting bidirectional communication on the same wires, so that you do not need run another pair of cables for sending the control and clock signal from host processor to client video display unit or system.

The serializer IC DS90UH927Q-Q1 and deserializer IC DS90UH928Q-Q1 help stream HD digital video and audio to touchscreen LCD panels and get the control signal from the touch screen to main information processing unit on same pair of wires. DS90UH928Q-Q1 deserializer feature automatic cable equalization, 24-bit color dithering, and white balancing over an LVDS connection.

The chipset supports high-bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP), and a direct connection to LVDS input sources and displays, including the OpenLDI (LVDS digital interface) standard. So there are lesser signal lines and lesser EMI generation. TI says FPD-Link family gives system architects a greater number of video sources and displays that can be directly connected to the automotive video network.

FPD-Link III Chipsets also feature dithering and white balancing at HD resolution.FPD-Link standard was developed by National Semiconductor which is now acquired by Texas Instruments.

The DS90UH927Q-Q1 serializer and DS90UH928Q-Q1 deserializer are available now, priced at US$9.75 each in 1,000-unit quantities. The DS90UH927Q-Q1 is in a 40-pin, 6-mm x 6-mm QFN package, while the DS90UH928Q-Q1 is in a 48-pin, 7-mm x 7-mm QFN package.

The other set of chips you can evaluate is MAX9263, MAX9264 from Maxim supporting Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link serializer/deserializer from Maxim. This chips nearly the same kind of above serdes pair except they support GMSL instead of FPD-Link III. MAX9263/MAX9264 chipset support HDCP encryption and the chipset pair form a digital serial link for the transmission of control data and HDCP encrypted video and audio data.

Further links:
DS90UH927Q-Q1/DS90UH928Q-Q1 details: www.ti.com/ds90uh927q-q1s-pr
and www.ti.com/ds90uh928q-q1s-pr
MAX9263/MAX9264 chipset details: http://www.maximintegrated.com/datasheet/index.mvp/id/6956
HDCP specs: http://www.digital-cp.com/hdcp_specifications

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