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Ultra HD CMOS image sensors made using 130nm process on 200mm Si Wafers

Date: 18/06/2013
Imec and Panasonic have together made Ultra HD CMOS image sensors with resolution specification of 4,000x2,000 pixels progressive images at 60 frames per second (fps). Imec has used 130nm CMOS process on 200mm silicon wafers to produce these sensors.

Targeting the next-generation broadcasting format, this image sensor chip is a floating diffusion shared 4T pixel imager, with a pitch of 2.5 micron and a conversion gain of 70 µV/e-, which allows for both a classical rolling shutter or stagger-laced scanning mode. The 4K2K 60-fps imaging performance is realized by 12-bit column-based delta-sigma A/D converters. The stagger-laced scanning method improves imaging sensitivity and realizes a 50 percent reduction in output data rate by alternating the readout of two sets of horizontal pixel pairs arranged in two complementary checkerboard patterns. The total power consumption of the imager is less than two Watts.

“This is an important milestone for imec to demonstrate our capability to co-design, prototype and manufacture high performance CMOS image sensors in our 200 mm CMOS fab,” commented Rudi Cartuyvels, Senior Vice President Smart Systems & Energy Technologies at imec.