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Cavium’s OCTEON III powered by latest MIPS arch MIPSr5

Date: 17/06/2013
Imagination Technologies has announced that its long-time MIPS licensee Cavium has licensed and incorporated the latest Release 5 MIPS architecture (MIPSr5) features, including hardware virtualization, in all members of its ultra-high-performance 1 – 48 core OCTEON III family of products.

Jim Whittaker, EVP, Processor Group, Imagination, says: “With MIPS, Cavium has created some of the industry’s highest performance and most advanced 64-bit multi-core processors for networking, wireless and storage. We’re now working even more closely with Cavium to take MIPS, the industry’s most successful and widely deployed 64-bit architecture, to even higher levels of performance and innovation. Imagination’s ownership of MIPS has significantly increased the level of investment in, and support for, MIPS CPU IP core development across the entire range of 32-bit and 64-bit solutions, with a focus on hardware, software, tools and ecosystem. We are delighted that Cavium has reaffirmed its commitment to MIPS as a result.”

M. Raghib Hussain, corporate VP/GM and CTO, Cavium, says: “The MIPSr5 architecture enhancements from Imagination combined with Cavium’s in-house design expertise will help create the most advanced MIPS 64-bit processor in the industry and will serve to further extend our leadership in the network infrastructure market.”