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AEC-Q100-Compliant GPIO for I2C-bus/SMBus applications

Date: 13/06/2013
NXP Semiconductors N.V. has announced the AEC-Q100-compliant PCA9538PW/Q900 and PCA9539PW/Q900 General Purpose parallel Input/Output (GPIO) for I2C-bus/SMBus applications. Available as 8- and 16-bit GPIOs with interrupt output and hardware reset input are rated for 4.5V to 5.5V operation.

The new GPIOs are suggested for use in designing next-generation body control units, instrument clusters, engine control and car infotainment systems. The PCA9538PW and PCA9539PW devices offer design engineers using the I2C-bus the flexibility of additional I/O port access without the need to replace microcontrollers. Additionally, NXP’s I2C-bus/SMBus-based GPIOs enable seamless migration to newer microcontrollers while allowing design engineers to keep the same peripherals.

Jens Hinrichsen, general manager, Interface Products, NXP Semiconductors, said, “Offering a new GPIO with interrupt output and hardware reset input meets the next-generation design requirements of our customers. By taking existing, market-proven products and putting them through the AEC-Q100 compliance process, NXP has grown its automotive solutions portfolio and has already delivered over 100 million interface product units to the automotive industry.”

Availability: The PCA9538PW/Q900 and PCA9539PW/Q900 are both released and shipping in volume.