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  Date: 16/06/2013

Fujitsu launches ARM Cortex-M4 powered MCUs for industrial applications

Fujitsu Semiconductor America has introduced FM4 family of 32-bit RISC microcontrollers based on the ARM Cortex-M4 processor core for applications such as general-purpose inverters, servomotors, PLCs and other industrial equipment, as well as energy-efficient, inverter-based home appliances.

The key features MB9B560R/460R/360R/160R series includes:

1. Operate from 3V and 5V power supplies
2. Memory options include SRAM, NOR flash, NAND flash and SDRAM.
3. Feature ultra-wide bus for onboard flash memory that enables read access with no CPU wait state.
4. Current required when running the real time clock (RTC) mode can be limited to approximately 1.5 A
5. The devices support 100,000 rewrite cycles with a 20-year data retention.
6. The FM4 family also includes enhanced peripheral functions and redesigned analog circuitry. New trimming functions deliver internal oscillator accuracy of 2 percent. The D/A converter can achieve 12-bit resolution, and the 12-bit A/D converter operates at twice the speed of previous versions.
7. Features multifunction timer for the three-phase motors support for asymmetric PWM waveform output and multiple A/D start triggers.
8. To accelerate SPI communications, the MCUs can support up to a 20 MHz clock rate and variable data lengths up to 16 bits.
9. The new communications IP with DSTC (Descriptor System data Transfer Controller) improves high-speed serial data communications.

Package: FPBAs
Availability: quantity later this summer.

Feature addition to FM4 family to have higher capacity flash, Ethernet MAC for networked automation devices, and I2S and HDMI-CEC for consumer applications.

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