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New Products

  Date: 16/06/2013

Modulated drivers for 100G optical communication sys

Hittite Microwave has introduced a new Electro-Absorption Modulated Laser (EML) Driver HMC7150LP3DE, which is housed in compact 3 x 3 mm plastic SMT RoHS compliant package. The HMC7150LP3DE is ideal for highly integrated, low power 100G Ethernet CFP2/CFP4 and similar small form factor pluggable modules.

The HMC7150LP3DE operates on single positive supply ranging from 3.3V to 5V and features scalable power consumption for varying EML driver voltage requirements while consuming 0.12W and 0.5W for 1.5Vpp and 2.3Vpp output swing levels, respectively. The HMC7150LP3DE operates up to 28.3 Gbps data-rates over the full -40 C to +85 C temperature range and exhibits edge rates in the range of 14 ps.

Featuring RF I/Os that are internally matched to 50 Ohms, the HMC7150LP3DE requires a minimum number of external components, claims Hittite. The output amplitude and the cross-point are adjustable via control pins which permit optimization of specific aspects of the driver characteristics for optical performance.

Hittite has also introduced two new optical modulator drivers, the HMC1068 and the HMC1069, which are available in the die form and are ideal for driver integrated chip-and-wire module designs for 100Gbps DP-QPSK systems.

The HMC1068 and the HMC1069 support data rates up to 32 Gbps and exhibit less than 0.3 ps additive jitter and 5 ps group delay variation. The output signal amplitude and the cross-point are adjustable through the control pins and the integrated peak-detector feature is used for monitoring the output voltage signal levels during normal operation.

Operating over a wide supply voltage range and featuring scalable power dissipation for varying output drive requirements, the HMC1068 and the HMC1069 are ideal drivers for Lithium Niobate Mach-Zender Modulators when used in cascade configuration, delivering 30 dB gain and a 7.5 Vpp output signal. The HMC1069 can also be used in standalone mode as a single-stage amplifier where lower output swing levels are required.

To buy or know more visit www.hittite.com

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