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Sensor hub from Freescale to scale 3-axis to a 9-axis inertial measurement

Date: 14/05/2013
Freescale Semiconductor has introduced a new Xtrinsic intelligent sensor hub FXLC95000CL integrating an on-board accelerometer with capability to manage multiple external sensors. The sensor hub allows designers to scale a basic 3-axis accelerometer system up to a full 9-axis inertial measurement unit with altimetry, ambient light sensing, temperature sensing, humidity sensing and other capabilities.

“With the rapidly multiplying number of sensors in everyday products, it is becoming increasingly complex for systems designers to manage all of the sensor data efficiently, while also accounting for potential future functionality,” said Babak Taheri, vice president and general manager of Freescale’s Sensor and Actuator Solutions Division. “The open architecture of Freescale’s hub solution gives designers the flexibility they need to create innovative applications without requiring a hardware change. It also allows designers to connect other sensors to the hub, which increases the variety of applications it can support – anything from medical monitoring to improving your golf swing.”

The Xtrinsic FXLC95000CL powered by 32-bit ColdFire V1 MCU core, 128K flash memory, 16K RAM and 16K ROM.

Other features include:
3-axis low-noise accelerometer
+/-2g, 4g, 8g configurable dynamic ranges available
Up to 16 MHZ internal clock source
2 serial interfaces to support both master and slave I˛C and SPI connectivity
Sleep instructions and low power mode to enable local power conservation
1.72 V to 3.6 V I/O supply voltage
-40 C to 85 C operating temp range
Small package footprint: 3mm x 5mm x 1mm 24-pin LGA package

Pricing and availability: Samples of the FXLC95000CL Xtrinsic intelligent motion-sensing platform are available now, with production quantities planned for June at a suggested resale price starting at $2.20 (USD) in 10,000-piece quantities. The KITFXLC95000EVM development board is available now for a suggested resale price of $99 (USD). For more information, visit http://www.freescale.com/sensingplatform.