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  Date: 16/05/2013

SoC from Fujitsu for 360 Degree wraparound view of car surroundings

Fujitsu Semiconductor has designed a SoC chip coded MB86R24 for processing video data from cameras around the car to produce a 360 Degree wraparound view. MB86R24 has 6 full HD input channels and 3 display output channels to help detect the objects approaching the car and notifies drivers of nearby people, bicycles and other objects by providing a 360 Wraparound View System that allows drivers to check their entire surroundings in 3D from any angle.

This chip will also support development of integrated Human Machine Interface (HMI) systems that consolidate and provide centralized control over a variety of onboard vehicle information. Until now, the display of such information on multiple screens has been controlled independently for each screen, says Fujitsu.

The 360 Wraparound View System uses cameras facing forward, backward, left, and right to synthesize a 3D model of the environment and then display the surroundings from any perspective (Figure below).
car view

Fujitsu Semiconductor also offers the software needed to build systems using this chip.

Product Features:
The CPU employs two ARM Cortex-9 cores along with the PowerVR SGX543 3D graphics, enabling roughly double the CPU performance and 5 times the GPU performance of its predecessors. MB86R24 also features Fujitsu Semiconductor's proprietary 2D graphics engine. Since the 3D and 2D graphics engine each run independently of one another, it is possible to obtain even greater graphics processing performance.

With support for input from 6 full HD input channels and 3 graphics output channels, the system can accept input from high-resolution cameras and high-definition content, which can then be displayed on multiple high-resolution screens.

In addition to a 2D engine, 3D engine, and video capture function, all of which can be run simultaneously, the new SoC features 8 rendering layers, making it possible to perform graphics processing on different layers that is optimized to meet the needs of specific applications and content.

The 360 Wraparound View System with Approaching Object Detection works with the toolset software for the previous edition of the technology, and software enabling Approaching Object Detection functionality will also be made available.

For integrated HMI systems, Fujitsu Semiconductor offers CGI Studio, an authoring tool that allows content designers and engineers to collaboratively design media for the system.

Availability: sampling in Aug 2013

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