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Date: 07/05/2013

Automotive grade OTP-ROM linear ICs for 3.3 V supply rail applications

Allegro has introduces two new factory one-time programmable (OTP-ROM) linears which eliminate the need for customers to optimize/program the devices for their finished sensor assemblies. Allegro’s A1318 and A1319 devices are targeted towards 3.3 V supply rail applications. These new devices architecturally have the ability to support a magnetic input sensitivity range of 1.32 to 2.64 mV/G, and 2.64 to 5.94 mV/G, respectively. However, the A1318/19 devices initially being released to market are factory programmed to specific magnetic input sensitivity levels. Initially released device types include:
A1318LLHLX-1-T with 1.35 mV/G sensitivity
A1318LLHLX-2-T with 2.5 mV/G sensitivity
A1319LLHLX-5-T with 5.0 mV/G sensitivity

The temperature coefficients for both sensitivity and the quiescent voltage output (QVO) are programmed over temperature at Allegro to maximize accuracy and minimize distribution tolerances. The A1318 and A1319 provide low output noise (13 mV (p-p) @ 5.0 mV/G sensitivity for the A1319) and improved EMI susceptibility at various frequencies. They also support a fast refresh rate of 20 KHz for high bandwidth applications.

The A1318 and A1319 are targeted at the automotive, industrial and consumer markets and are currently being offered in a small LH (SOT-23W) surface mount package.