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Fujitsu updates its ARM Cortex M3 MCU family FM3 with 38 new ICs

Date: 18/04/2013
Fujitsu Semiconductor has launched upgraded lineup of its FM3 Family of 32-bit general-purpose RISC microcontrollers based on the ARM Cortex-M3 processor core. In total Fujitsu Semiconductor is releasing 38 new products, including the MB9BF529TPMC, which is equipped with high-capacity memory, and the MB9BF121JPMC, which features low pin count packaging. Sample quantities of the new products to be incrementally be made available starting May 10, 2013. The new lineup is suggested as optimal choice for system control in household appliances, office automation equipment, and industrial equipment.

With the addition of these new products, Fujitsu Semiconductor's top class FM3 Family lineup of ARM Cortex-M3 processor core-based microcontrollers to total 570 products.

The 38 new products include high-capacity MB9B520T/420T/320T/120T Series, which features up to 1.5MB of flash memory; the low-pin MB9B120J Series, which is available in 32-pin packaging; and the low-power MB9A420L/120L Series, which supports CAN communications.

The MB9B520T/420T/320T/120T Series integrate CAN, USB 2.0 Host/Function, and multifunction serial (UART/CSI0/LIN/I2C) and other serial communications features, in addition to a multifunction timer that is capable of inverter control. The series, which is available in variations featuring internal flash memory ranging up to 1.5MB—the highest capacity option in the FM3 Family—is available in 144-pin to 192-pin packages. The series is an optimal choice for inverter control applications in household appliances, such as air conditioners, and in the various motors used in office automation equipment, including printers and copiers, as well as for man-machine interface control in AV equipment. Equipping the high-capacity memory makes it possible to support multiple languages in the display components of AV and office automation equipment.

The new MB9B120J Series in 32-pin package operate at speeds of up to 72 MHz and feature a multifunction timer capable of inverter control and a high-speed, high-sensitivity 12-bit AD converter, making it an optimal choice for applications in which low-pin inverter control is desirable, such as general-use inverters and motors for low-end industrial equipment, as well as for refrigerators, washing machines, induction heating cookware, and other household appliances. It is also optimal for devices that require a one-to-one motor to microcontroller system architecture.

MB9A420L/120L Series features CAN communications functionality, a multifunction timer that is capable of inverter control, and a 10-bit DA converter. The series lineup is available in 48-pin to 64-pin packages. It is an optimal option for use in equipment that requires push button tone control, such as elevators, building management applications, and electronic switchboards.

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