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New Products

  Date: 14/04/2013

Free interactive battery power design tool by Logic PD

Logic PD has introduced a free, interactive battery power design tool to help product designers and developers predetermine the battery power requirements for new products. Logic PD’s new battery power design tool allows users to select a pre-configured product scenario or build their own use case using the defaults provided. Each scenario generates a power budget with typical values in each state. Users can adjust these variables to better mirror their own product requirements. The power budget determines estimated battery life and size. Users can adjust either parameter to see the impact. For ultra-low power applications, users can even see the impact of power harvesting technology.

“A clear vision of how the final product will be used is required for effective battery design—product size, functionality and usage environments all impact the optimal power configuration for that product,” said Curt McNamara, principal engineer, Logic PD. “We leverage best practices with use cases and scenario development to design products for our clients that have the dimensions, performance and battery life required by the device end-users. This is critical for the adoption and success of any new wireless product.”

Logic PD also developed Wattson, a power measurement and performance monitoring application that delivers real-time graphical feedback and data logging capabilities without the need for external oscilloscopes and meters. Using this information guides designers to the lowest power and highest performance software combination for a particular product. Wattson is instrumental in helping to minimize power in all operational modes, which maximizes battery life in the end product.

To try Logic PD’s new battery power design tool, visit: http://powerdesign.logicpd.com/.

To learn more about battery power design considerations, listen to this podcast with Curt McNamara, principal engineer at Logic PD: http://www.logicpd.com/innovation/point-of-view/battery-powered-design-podcast

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