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New Products

  Date: 03/04/2013

Low profile 33 A, 12V, 400W DC/DC converters with 230W/cubic-inch density

The new TDK-Lambda iQG Series of DC-DC converters feature a low profile package of 0.52 inch high. The iQG series provides a regulated 12VDC output with a high-isolation of 1500VDC, input to output and they operate with a wide input range from 36V to 75VDC. The user can select from models rated at 300W or 400W, depending upon their needs.

The converter's efficiencies of up to 95% substantially minimize wasted heat and system cooling issues. Throughout the open frame, single board construction, particular attention has been made to the overall thermal design including component height, location and orientation. As a result, the iQG Series is compatible with all cooling strategies, including conduction, convection and forced air, and offers outstanding thermal performance for cooler operation over its operating baseplate temperature range of -40 to +125C. Furthermore, the proprietary TDK ASIC control circuitry brings a significant component count reduction, as well as improved reliability and lower cost.

The monotonic start-up into a pre-bias output capability with its synchronous rectification enhances the converter's versatility. Standard features include fixed frequency operation, remote on/off, and auto-recovery protection against input under voltage and output over current and over temperature.

The iQG 400W units have an impressive 230W per cubic inch power density and deliver up to 33A of useable output current. The 400W models can be used individually or units can be connected in parallel for higher power applications.

Safety approvals for the iQG series include UL60950-1 (US and Canada), VDE 0805, CB scheme (IEC60950-1), and the CE Mark. These converters are available now and economically priced at $59.00 each in 100 piece quantities.

More information is available at TDK-Lambda Americas' website: http://www.us.tdk-lambda.com/lp/products/iqg-series.htm

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