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  Date: 25/03/2013

LP optic module sends and receives DC to 500 kb/s data on all plastic fiber upto 10m

Toshiba has launched fiber optic transmission modules that can send and receive signals from DC to 500 kb/s with low consumption current up to a maximum distance of 10m when using APF (all plastic fiber).

A newly developed high-luminosity LED allows the new products to be driven at a lower current than the existing products. Also, while existing products consume the same current, regardless of whether the module is engaged in optical communication or not, the new products has a circuit configuration that drastically reduces current consumption at times of no communication and that is highly suited for use in energy-sensitive applications.

The new products will be available in two package types: samples of horizontal-type transmitting and receiving modules, TOTX1353(F) and TORX1353(F), will be available by the end of March, with mass production in April; samples of vertical-type transmitting and receiving modules, TOTX1353(V,F) and TORX1353(V,F), will be available by the end of April, with mass production in May.

Applications: Transmission of control signals of applications such as wind and photovoltaic power generation systems, control devices, amusement machines and battery controllers

Main Specifications:
Transmitting side, IF=1.5mA; Receiving side, 1.5mA [during communication] / 30A [during non-communication]
Data rate: DC to 500 kb/s
Transmission distance: Up to 10 m (when APF is used)
Horizontal and vertical-type modules prepared:
Horizontal type: TOTX1353(F) and TORX1353(F)
Vertical type: TOTX1353(V,F) and TORX1353(V,F)
Compatible with JIS F05 optical connector
Operating Temperature: -40C to 85C
Power supply voltage: 50.25V

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