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70x50 mm computer on module by MSC powered by ARM Cortex A8

Date: 29/01/2013
MSC Embedded has launched new 70 x 50mm measuring embedded Computer on Module (CoM) compliant to the nanoRISC specs. This board is based on the TI AM335x which is powered by ARM Cortex-A8 processor core. Module supports up to 512 Mbyte of DDR3 DRAM, up to 512 Mbyte of SLC NAND Flash and optionally up to 64 Gbyte eMMC Flash. Board features ports such as Ethernet, USB, CAN, UART, SPI, I2C and I2S audio.

The board/module is available in two versions one is the entry-level module and the other is high-performance product.

The key features of this board includes:

Supports direct LCD drive (16/18/24 bit RGB) at a resolution of up to HD (1366 x 768 pixels).
Provide 3D graphics acceleration built into the CPU's SGX530 graphics subsystem.
Versatile Programmable Realtime Unit (PRU) allowing fast response to real-time events and Industrial Ethernet for industrial field bus applications.
Consumes less than 2W of power (1.7W for the 300-MHz version) and can be operated without any cooling.
Development software available for Linux and Windows Embedded Compact 7 (Android on request).

Availability: Now in samples and also Starterkit is available consisting of a versatile 3.5" baseboard with power supply, 7" TFT and cable set. A Linux installation on SD card will be provided ensuring immediate operation of the kit.

Price: In OEM quantities, the module with the Quad-Core CPU to cost $168.