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  Date: 25/01/2013

Single-box generator solution from Agilent for HDMI and MHL tests

Agilent Technologies has announced support for the High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) and Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) sink tests through its M8190A arbitrary waveform generator and enhanced N5990A test-automation software.

The Agilent solution is alternative to Agilent's well-established E4887A HDMI TMDS signal generator platform. Agilent's HDMI and MHL test solution is single-box generator solution. Full test-automation software is available to test the performance of HDMI and MHL-enabled devices with fast test throughput.

"Agilent has been involved with the HDMI and MHL specifications since the standards were first established," said Juergen Beck, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Digital Photonic Test Division. "Together with our solutions partner, BitifEye, we address our customers' needs and provide strong support for HDMI and MHL sink testing. Our new, enhanced product portfolio gives our customers access to a full suite of MHL and HDMI testing solutions they will not find elsewhere."

The two AWG modules required for HDMI sink testing fit in a single mainframe. The setups eliminate the need for external clock and jitter sources and cable emulators.

Agilent's HDMI and MHL 2.0 sink testing solution comprises the following products:
Infiniium 90000A Series oscilloscope and N5399B compliance test software for calibrating sink test configurations.
M8190A-based HDMI and MHL signal generators.
N5990A test-automation software from Agilent's solution partner BitifEye.

"Being able to use advanced measurement tools such as AWG configurations for HDMI and MHL sink testing enables developers to address potential design issues early in the design cycle and get products to market faster," said Alexander Schmitt, CEO of BitifEye. "The AWG configurations complement the existing Agilent and BitifEye HDMI and MHL sink testing solutions and allow our customers to choose the performance they need."

U.S. Pricing and Availability: The Agilent HDMI and MHL 2.0 AWG sink testing solution is available now. Starting prices are as follows:
M8190A AWG configuration for HDMI and MHL $113,006
N5990A-151 test-automation software option $13,000

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