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  Date: 09/01/2013

Robust capacitive touch controller ICs senses o.1 pF finger cap and tolerate water

Cypress Semiconductor has introduced the CY8C20xx7/S CapSense and CapSense Plus controllers with Cypress’s new QuietZone technology to combat noise. QuietZone immunity to radiated and conducted noise. Its high sensitivity can determine changes in finger capacitance as low as 0.1 pF. A key component of this technology is Cypress’s patented Capacitive Sigma Delta (CSD) Plus sensing algorithm.

The CY8C20xx7S devices feature SmartSense Auto-tuning that automatically sets and monitors the performance of each sensor and dynamically compensates for noise and environmental variations during runtime to deliver optimal sensor performance and uniform button response. This technology also adapts to manufacturing variations in PCBs, overlays, and tunes out noise generators such as LCD inverters, AC lines and switched-mode power supplies. It tunes all design parameters for both proximity detection and water tolerance features, with separate fine tuning for proximity distance. SmartSense desigend to meet demands of the industrial and white goods markets.

The CY8C20xx7/S also offers proximity detection of up to 30 cm. Its low power enables proximity designs in battery-powered applications, such as “wake-on-approach” for mice that provides lower system power consumption by allowing the device to sleep until a user’s hand approaches. The family also has driven shield capability, which enhances water tolerance capabilities in applications that face the challenges of mist, water droplets or streaming water.

The CY8C20xx7/S is suggested as ideal IC for all application segments ranging from Bluetooth headsets, smart phones and tablets that require lower operating voltages to white goods, small home appliances, TV, monitors and printers which require high SNR for robust touch performance. These devices are also suggested for enabling wake-on approach features in applications such as PC peripherals.

“This family is the premier capacitive touch solution from the market leader,” said Dirk Franklin, Cypress CapSense Business Unit Director. “We have included technology advancements of all kinds in this family, including power management, autotuning, noise immunity, proximity detection and water tolerance. Customers from a wide variety of markets are eager to design with this solution.”

Availability and Starter Kit
The CY8C20xx7/S CapSense controller family is currently in production in 16-QFN, 30-WLCSP, 24-QFN, 32-QFN, 48-QFN and 16-SOIC packages. The CY8C20xx7/S Controllers can be easily evaluated using the AEK-CY8C20xx7 QuietZone Starter Kit from Artaflex. Based on the CY8C20247S-24LKXI, the US$9.99 Starter Kit allows you to develop proof of concepts by directly connecting to the target design boards. More information on the kit is available at Cypress’ design partner solution webpage (www.cypress.com/?rID=69299) and the Artaflex website (www.artaflex.com).

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