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  Date: 09/01/2013

LED lamp from Cree to replace MR16 halogen lamps

Cree says its new LM16 LED Lamp use up to 80 percent less energy and designed to last up to eight times longer than traditional 50-watt halogen MR16 lamps. The new lamps is suitable for applications in retail, hospitality and residential settings.

The new LM16 LED Lamp works with a broad range of transformers and dimmers to seamlessly replace it in existing systems using embedded protective dimming circuitry and intelligent thermal software in combination with the innovative Cree fanless housing design.

“The Cree LM16 LED lamp will let companies instantly upgrade outdated halogen lighting without any sacrifice in performance and/or any change-out problems,” said Roger Lane, principal with LAMPS, Inc. “Cree’s revolutionary design provides optimal control of the beam angles to direct the light exactly where it’s needed. They’ve effectively eliminated surface glare and have even added a pleasant touch of backlight that is soft on the eyes while saving energy. Cree’s latest innovation can help any business improve their lighting as well as their bottom line. This is a real bonus for lighting and maintenance contractors.”

The Cree LM16 50-watt halogen equivalent delivers 620 lumens (consuming only 9 W) and the 35-watt halogen equivalent delivers 425 lumens (consuming only 7 W). The new lamps are designed to provide a minimum of 25,000 operating hours, reducing the need to replace lamps. The 50-watt equivalent is dimmable to five percent on a broad range of dimmers and transformers. The new Cree LM16 LED Lamp is available in three beam angles, including 17° spot, 25° flood and 40° wide flood.

“The technology and performance of the new Cree LM16 LED Lamp demonstrates Cree’s commitment to accelerate the adoption of LED lighting,” said Greg Merritt, vice president, marketing, lighting at Cree. “Optimizing each design element – optics, drivers, thermal management and our proprietary lens design, Cree continues to develop new LED technology that is energy-efficient and provides outstanding performance and value to our customers.”

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