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  Date: 08/01/2013

HDMI Dongle for sharing mobile content on TVs

Sigma Designs to launch EasyTV Dongle reference design for wirelessly connect mobile devices and HDMI TV sets. EasyTV is based on Sigma’s SMP8674 chip and Qualcomm Atheros’s AR6203 chip (802.11N technology). Users can share media content such as YouTube videos, movies, photos and cloud-based applications and services on a TV screen. Business users can share presentations and data visualization through a projector’s HDMI port.

By plugging the small EasyTV Dongle into a television’s HDMI input, consumers automatically have a direct connection between any media content from a mobile phone, tablet or PC and their TV screen. This simple peer-to-peer protocol allows mobile device users to share what was once personal content with a larger audience by using Wi-Fi to have the source device talk to the display device. Sigma plans to seek Wi-Fi Miracast certification from Wi-Fi Alliance for EasyTV.

“EasyTV is positioned for exponential growth by being able to work with an open networking technology,” said Ken Lowe, Sigma Design’s vice president of Strategy. “EasyTV is a full production-ready turn-key design. We are very excited about Sigma’s leading position and are currently engaged with multiple OEMs to embed our technology in many future applications such as, DTVs, projectors, docking stations, set-top boxes, and media players.”

Key Features as per Sigma:
·Source and display automatic device pairing in a peer-to-peer relationship with any certified source devices
·Display output on HDMI 1.4.with up to 1080p resolution supported
·Business card sized Dongle for portability
·Powered from television USB ports or external power adapter
·Applicable for business and personal use
The new EasyTV Dongle will be displayed at CES the Las Vegas Hotel, Suite 2921 January 8 - January 11.

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