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Date: 13th July 2011

New NAND flash memory wafer and package test solutions from Advantest

Advantest Corporation has announced the availability of two new solutions for next-generation NAND flash memory test: the T5773 for package test and the HA5100CELL, based on the Harmonic architecture, for wafer test. Advantest says the tools together offer total test support for high-capacity, high-speed next-generation NAND flash memory devices, from the front end to the back end.

Front-End NAND Flash Test Solution with Industry-Best Parallel Test Capacity: the HA5100CELL
The Harmonic Architecture (HA) platform is an all-in-one wafer test solution that combines a tester and probe in a single tool, and four test cells into one. With the capability to test four wafers at once, the HA5100CELL is a dedicated NAND flash memory tester which offers a reduced footprint 1/4 the size of previous systems. It's operating frequency of 100MHz and a maximum parallel test capacity of 6,144 DUTs. This innovation deliver 50% test cost savings over previous test cells. The HA5100CELL utilizes an Advantest-developed contact compliance technology that enables a one-touch high-volume solution. The HA5100ES, an engineering system for R&D device evaluation, is also available.

Back-End NAND Flash Test Solution Offering Industry's Lowest Test Cost: the T5773
Advantest's T5773 is a package test system for NAND flash memory that supports high-speed interfaces for SSDs, handsets and other applications, meeting the test needs of device types that demand as much as 4X the test speed of previous types. The T5773's operating frequency range is 200MHz / 400Mbps and offers a typical parallel test capacity of 768 DUTs. Additionally, the T5773's innovative design achieves significant power and floorspace savings, helping to lower customer test costs dramatically. Advantest also offers the T5773ES, an engineering system for R&D use.

Key Specifications:
1. HA5100CELL:
-- Target Device: NAND flash memory (wafer test)
-- Parallel Test Capacity: 6,144 DUT (1,536 DUT x 4 stages)
-- Max. Test Speed: 100MHz
2. T5773:
-- Target Device: NAND flash memory, toggle-mode NAND flash memory, ONFI3
NAND flash memory, mask ROM, etc. (package test)
-- Parallel Test Capacity: 768 DUT
-- Max. Test Speed: 200MHz / 400Mbps (in DDR mode)

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