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Date: 30th Jun 2011

Kilopass expanding its OTP NVM on SMIC's 55 nm logic CMOS process

Kilopass Technology Inc. and Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation have announced the next phase of their embedded NVM IP partnership. Kilopass is expanding its one-time programmable (OTP) NVM product offering to SMIC's 55 nanometer (nm) logic CMOS process. Kilopass has already successfully taped out in SMIC's 65nm process.

In partnership since 2005, Kilopass and SMIC began with the development of Kilopass OTP NVM on SMIC's 180nm and proceeded on with SMIC's 130nm and 90nm logic CMOS processes. The collaboration expanded to include 65nm and now continues with the addition of the 55nm node.

SMIC customers with applications requiring embedded NVM for storing mixed signal trim data, boot code, and security key for multimedia processors, MCUs, and RFID ICs, have benefitted from having Kilopass' secure, embedded, OTP, NVM solution for their system on chip (SoC) designs.

"We are thrilled that SMIC has expanded our partnership commitment to include Kilopass OTP NVM IP on its 55nm process node," said Kilopass President and CEO, Charlie Cheng. "For SoC designs in competitive, high-volume consumer applications moving a design from 65nm to 55nm provides a 20 percent reduction in silicon area and cost without the expense of a new mask set. This savings provides an effective means of maintaining profit margins as shipment volumes and competitive pressure rise."

"We are excited to be expanding our partnership with Kilopass on our advanced 55nm LL process technology," said Chris Chi, senior vice president and chief business officer of SMIC. "SMIC takes pride in its ability to deliver to customers cutting-edge 55nm technology process and IP solutions. Kilopass success taping out their OTP NVM IP on our 65nm logic CMOS process nodes validates SMIC's leadership position as an advanced technology provider, and demonstrates SMIC's commitment to bringing our customers world-class solutions with the highest reliability, stability and cost-effectiveness."

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