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Date: 30th Jun 2011

32-bit MCUs for real-time motor-control of electric cars/vehicles

Fujitsu Semiconductor America (FSA) has introduced a series of new 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) with range of interface peripherals supporting the needs of designing 3-phase inverter motor control for electric (EV) and hybrid cars/vehicles (HV).

The FR family of 32-bit RISC member MB91580 series embeds Flash memory and feature optimized interface peripherals for EV and HV 3-phase inverter motor control electronics. This MCU also targets power electronics applications such as electric generator control and any other electric motor control industrial/power electronic systems.

The efficient loop back control is achieved by using a high-speed, dedicated 12-bit A/D converter and Resolver-to-Digital Converter (RDC). Dedicated hardware generates the required motor control parameters (such as the electrical angle's sine and cosine values) to accurately detect motor current and position at high speeds, enabling precise motor control waveform generation. The FR core based FR81S CPU delivers 160DMIPS processor performance. An IEEE-754-compliant Floating Point Unit enables the MCU to process vector conversion and PID control calculations rapidly, using data from the 12-bit A/D converter and RDC.

Fujitsu says the solution based on this MCU family delivers highly optimized, real-time controllability for EV and HV motors with fast and efficient loop back operation, and the best torque control possible. This level of integration and performance enables system designers to reduce overall motor and motor-control unit costs significantly, claims Fujitsu.

The three members in the series are the MB91F585 (with 576 KB Flash and 48 KB RAM); the MB91F586 (with 832 KB Flash and 64 KB RAM); and the MB91F587 (with 1088 KB Flash and 96 KB RAM).

"The MB91580 series is an ideal design choice for electric and hybrid vehicles because it is designed specifically to support motor control requirements," said Akio Nezu, senior manager for marketing, Fujitsu Semiconductor America. "These microcontrollers use a dedicated embedded resolver sensor interface to control the three-phase inverter, resulting in optimal motor controllability. This enables the system designer to achieve higher performance while lowering the system cost."

Available: Now in samples.
Package: 144-pin quad flat pack
Price: $25 each.

For more information visit: //us.fujitsu.com/semi/mcu/HEV-EV.

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