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Date: 21st Jun 2011

100 MHz/100 MIPS 32-bit core powered DSC for motor control apps

Freescale has announced its next-generation DSC portfolio, the MC56F84xx, which integrates high-speed analog functionality with an efficient 32-bit digital signal processor core to provide precise and accurate digital control for power supplies (digital power conversion) and motors.

"With increased awareness and concern about worldwide energy use, designers are seeking ways to minimize energy consumption," said Reza Kazerounian, senior vice president and general manager of Freescale's Microcontroller Solutions Group. "Digital signal controller technology is ideal for helping improve energy efficiency, and Freescale's next-generation DSCs are leading the way. With the MC56F84xx family, we have re-examined and improved every aspect of a DSC - upgrading the core to 32 bits, increasing peripheral flexibility and precision and simplifying design methodologies - to provide our customers a faster, smarter way to manage energy use."

The less heat generating MC56F84xx family is design to reduce energy waste in traditional industrial applications and lighting systems, as well as the next generation of energy generators, such as solar power.

Freescale says the MC56F84xx DSC family provides the fastest signal processing in the microcontroller industry. It delivers the ease of use of an MCU with the advanced, fast math computing of a DSP core.

Features of MC56F84xx DSC family as per Freescale include:

A perfect combination of high performance and precision with a 32-bit core, high-res pulse-width modulation (PWM) and ADC (AC/DC conversion).
Optimized for digital signal processing, the 100 MHz/100 MIPS 32-bit core increases the execution of the control loop.
Fast control loops are driven via single-cycle math computation, fractional arithmetic support and parallel moves, supported by the Harvard-style architecture.
High-res PWM with 312 pico-second resolution provides precise and stable control across extended temperatures.
Dual, 12-bit ADC with built-in PGA sampling up to 3.3 mega samples per second improves real-time control for a more efficient design.
Memory protection features restrict access to key modules, helps ensure reliable solutions.
On-chip comparators reduce system component cost and ease of design.
Programmable flash memory scales from 64 KB to 256 KB.
Freescale's FlexMemory EEPROM capability supports frequent event captures.
Direct memory access (DMA) helps ensure fast data transfers without core interruption
5-volt tolerant I/O offers flexibility and system cost reduction.

Pricing and availability: Sample quantities of the MC56F84xx family are expected to be available in Q4 2011 from Freescale and its distribution partners. Suggested resale pricing starts under $2 (USD) in 10,000-piece quantities.
For more information visit www.freescale.com/MC56F84xx

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