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Date: 15th Jun 2011

1GHz full-band capture digital tuning tech for IP-based video platforms

Broadcom Corporation has announced 1GHz Full-Band Capture digital tuning technology integrated in three new 40nm hybrid IP cable set-top box (STB) and DOCSIS 3.0 gateway SoC solutions. These devices are for IP-based video platforms.

Broadcom's FBC technology directly digitizes the entire 1GHz downstream spectrum, replacing the need for a large number of tuners with only one FBC digital tuner. Full-Band Capture technology advantages as per broadcom includes:
Digital tuning: engineered with new enhanced signal processing techniques that exceed the most challenging performance requirements demanded by operators.
Bandwidth deployment flexibility: any demodulator can tune to any frequency removing wideband "block" tuner restrictions.
Reduced power consumption: more than 50 percent reduction with new tuner architecture.
Faster channel change: FastRTV channel change technology paired with Full-Band Capture provides quick channel change regardless of frequency.
Reduced system cost: dramatically minimizes the number of components by replacing up to nine cable tuners in a system with only one FBC digital tuner supporting as many demodulators as required.
Broadcom's 40nm 8-QAM BCM3128 and 4-QAM BCM3124 cable multi-receiver SoCs and the 400 Mbps BCM3383 Euro/DOCSIS 3.0 cable gateway SoC are the industry's first fully integrated solutions to support FBC technology and are now shipping to customers.

Dan Marotta, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Broadcom's Broadband Communications Group said "Driving the next frontier in cable TV, Broadcom's breakthrough in tuner design reduces the cost to transition current cable platforms to hybrid IP-based solutions, proliferating IP content delivery and services throughout the home and to connected devices."

Broadcom Corporation has announced its third generation DOCSIS 3.0 system-on-a-chip (SoC) for broadband gateway market. Broadcom's BCM3383 DOCSIS/Euro-DOCSIS 3.0 cable gateway SoC integrates Broadcom's Full-Band Capture (FBC) technology, dual-band concurrent Wi-Fi and a custom applications processor.

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